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Speaking of Cyberbullying...

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Speaking of Cyberbullying...

Post by The Invisible Man on Sun Mar 25, 2012 5:24 pm

Nanaimo RCMP are taking cyberbullying seriously. THIS REPORT says "Nanaimo RCMP have investigated cases of harassment using social media, and in at least two cases in the past year that harassment was serious enough it led to arrests."

The report also says "'The great thing about social media sites, anything that's written, anything anybody says, there's a record of it so there's no question for us who said what, so it's easy for us to have a look,' Minkley said. 'Then we have a gamut of responses, whether it's speaking to them, or in some cases people get arrested for what they say. It has happened. For the most part it's an educational thing.'"

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