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Oil Tankers in Kitamaat

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Oil Tankers in Kitamaat

Post by lionking on Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:09 pm

These stories I am posting is what I have been worried about for years and, why for years I keep repeating the same things over and over "we have no control over our lives".
We need to keep talking and publishing the things we don't like and want the goverment spending Our TAX DOLLARS ON!!! I have no doubt the government will do what they want and, the oil tanks will be in BC all for the sake of the MONEY Sad Sad
That is why I speak out against certain things people in government are doing, in hopes that enough people will also speak out and, maybe we finally will get enough people together to "make a big difference".

When Earth is so polluted from Toxic waste then what? Oh yes I know, the world or what's left of it, are all moving to Mars. Rolling Eyes IMO all the Tax payers dollars spent on going to the moon, could have served better here fixing up our planet and, maybe we wouldn't have had oil tankers in the first place Sad

Veteran North Coast Fisherman Warns of Serious Navigational Risks to Supertankers
As a fisherman who has worked his whole life on the coast of BC, I have many concerns about oil tankers leaving Kitamaat...

Check out the full story RIGHT HERE.


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