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Post by lionking on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:50 pm

So the space shuttle Discovery has flown its last
mission; it's been towed over the nation's capital like
a bruised Chevy after a demolition derby.

Other space junkers -- Atlantis and Endeavor -- are
being retired too, bringing to end an underwhelming
three decades of fruitless and tragic exploration of
low-earth orbiting patterns...
Video: The Space Shuttle Era is Over (Thank God!).

This is why I have been talking about this for years, IMO some of the money that was spent over the years going to space, could have done a lot more good here on Earth. Look at all the damage the space shuttles have caused to Our Earth there is damage to the OZONE LAYER, the Ice is melting in the Artic, the earth has shifted etc,etc, etc. There has been good things also found but, imo people on earth will not be living on the Moon or Mars.

IMO the only things going to space should be missiles, that will explode Asteroids or other debre in space that is heading to earth.

All the disasters transporting oil has cost the environmental, all the sea life that has been killed and there are still thousands dying today, two weeks ago there were 3000 Dolphins washed up on a island and, all kinds of birds falling from the sky, we have deformed toads, frogs, etc,etc,etc.

Years ago we said we didn't want oil Tankers transporting oil, for all the accidents that we feared might happen, "Happened" the decission makers once again never listened, again confirming to me , the only thing we have any control over, imo is our homes, debts and Taxes .

But now with smart meters coming, that may be hazardous to your health and, your privacy we won't even have our homes to control any more!

As it is we haven't had any control over our lives for years. Crying or Very sad Since they said automation was going to take over thirty years ago, they sure weren't kidding hey.


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